6 Reasons Why Pilates Will Improve Your Life

by Monet Cruz

Working out shouldn't be a chore or a bore; it should be a joy! Once you discover Pilates, your workouts will be enjoyable. It leaves you feeling relaxed and super fit.  Pilates works and it is addictive!

1. It is an amazing mind-body workout 

With a focus on breath, spinal and pelvic alignment, and an emphasis on smooth movement, Pilates allows you to become acutely attuned with your body.  By concentrating on flowing movement and proper breathing you learn to execute movements with maximum efficiency and power.  By learning proper breathing technique, you get the awesome side effect of stress reduction!

2. Develop a strong core

In Pilates you work to develop alignment and balanced strength in the superficial and deep core muscles giving you the ability to integrate the abdominals, back muscles, pelvis, and shoulder girdle into complex movement patterns.   

3. Become an efficient mover

By exercising several muscle groups at once through smooth continuous movement, Pilates trains your body to move safely with efficient movement patterns.  With proper technique you will recover from injury faster, improve athletic performance, and have good posture and health.

4. It increases joint mobility and muscle flexibility

Unlike traditional workouts that can build bulky short muscles that are more vulnerable to injury, Pilates elongates and strengthens muscles.  You will improve both muscle elasticity and joint mobility.  A flexible and balanced body is less susceptible to injury.

5. Safe and gentle

Pilates is so safe that it is commonly used in physical therapy for rehabilitation from injury.  Many of the exercises are low impact and performed in a reclined position. 

6. It is always challenging

Because Pilates is such a versatile method there are endless opportunities to modify to meet you at any level from beginner to advanced. As your body condition improves, you can increase the intensity of workouts.

Pilates is a great habit to start and keep for life.  It will keep you young, strong, and flexible at any age.

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